Create your page from your Great Ideas!

Creating & Customizing a page is a really simple process. As you see in the following screenshot example. Each area noted as numeric points. Each number has a detailed explanation under the screenshot area.


  • 1 Add New Page

    The first step of creating a page is Pages > Add New. Pages are mostly related to explain your business static information. And contents made by a collection of shortcodes.


  • 2 Page Title

    The page title is most important in all manor. It's also important for SEO purposes. So, please make sure you're entering the right page title for that page purpose.

  • 3 Page Builder

    Our theme includes Visual Composer Page builder. Use Classic Mode to add shortcodes in the backend. If you do not see this, make sure to install & activate Visual Composer Plugin.

  • 4 Add Shortcodes

    You can add any shortcodes available via clicking that plus icon. Just simply watch this video first. Want to work like a pro? Click Here to watch video guides.

  • 5 Page Custom Options

    Page Custom Option is most important about controlling page-specific things apart from other common pages. You can control Menu Bar, Title Area, Content Area & Footer.

  • 6 Page Layout

    As you can see, the 6th point is the above screenshot. Everything is just straightforward. In this theme, we've full width and 100% width layouts.

  • 7 Show Sidebar Options

    This means, you can select whether you need a sidebar on your page or not, Then select the position of the sidebar on the left or right side of the page after that you can select the space for the widget and also select the particular widget that shown in your page.